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Pension Credit: Get Cash from Your Pension Fund

You could be entitled to extra pension credit to give you much-needed financial security later in life. An extra monthly or weekly sum could make a huge difference to your lifestyle and offer you more financial freedom in your retirement years.

There are two types of pension credit:

• Guaranteed
• Savings

Guaranteed credit could give you an extra £142.70 a week if you’re single and £217.90 for couples. Whereas savings could offer you an extra £18 – £24 per week. Although these may seem like small sums, over time they will make a huge difference.

When it comes to savings credits, you must be over 65 to be eligible. However, if you’re below this age we can advise you on another way to unlock the financial potential in your pension.

Could pension credit be the answer to a more financially secure future for you?

Are you entitled?

These extra benefits could form a vital lifeline for those eligible to apply, so why not use our confidential service to discuss your options? By contacting Sell Pension, you’re under no obligation to act upon anything we discuss, and you can be sure that whatever we talk about is held in absolute confidence.

We’ve previously helped hundreds of people just like you release tied up funds from their pension and make their retirement dreams become reality. This financial liberation has allowed them take back control of their income with the help of a sizable one-off payment. Our safe and easy process makes it easy to access your funds in advance.

Why struggle?

It’s hard to predict fluctuations in the economy, so why leave yourself short of cash when you can make use of your retirement fund now?

Before you make any decisions regarding your pension, you need to think of the big picture and work out how much you’ll need in the future. We can help you with this.

When it comes to calculating how much pension credit you’re entitled to, there are plenty of reliable online tools to help you do this, some of which are run by the government. This Pension credit calculator is particularly useful.

If you have any questions about your retirement fund, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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