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Welcome to the SellPension.co.uk blog. The aim of our blog is to share the latest news, information and opinion from the world of personal finance and pensions. Don't worry though, it's not all shop-talk; we also like to take a lighter look at issues surrounding money and savings, and share information that we think you'll enjoy.

Our writers are here to help you, so if there any subjects you'd like to see covered please don't hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, please drop a comment on one of our posts to keep the discussion going!

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Expat pensions crisis

Frozen Pensions and Brexit Throwing Expat Pensioners Into Poverty

Plummeting Pound Spells Disaster for Overseas Pensioners The current pension crisis affects most of us, but none more so than those who spend their retirement abroad. One of the benefits of reaching retirement age in the 21st Century is that … Continue reading

unlock pension

Are You Property Rich But Cash Poor?

Property Wealth Hits New High – But Other Investments Still Struggling Pensioners are wealthier than ever thanks to sky-rocketing house prices. Yet with other investments performing badly, cash can still be a problem. Ever-increasing property prices might be bad news … Continue reading

Mature couple planning their monthly budget

1 in 4 People Retire In Debt

Unlock Your Pension to Pay Off Debts More people than ever are facing serious levels of debt when they reach retirement age. Release some money from your pension to pay off debts today. A recent study by the well-known insurer … Continue reading

The Oldest Actors That Should Retire But Never Will

Acting is a very dynamic career. It is physically demanding, sometimes requiring rapid weight loss or gain, fight scenes and long, breathy soliloquies. Yet somehow there is a small clique of acting professionals that remain unphased by both the psychological … Continue reading

Saving VS. Happiness

Pensioners are 13% Richer Today

Current Generation of Pensioners Could be the Wealthiest Ever The incomes of retired households have risen by a remarkable £2,500 over the past nine years, while those of working households has fallen by £300. Today’s pensioners could be the luckiest … Continue reading

can i cash in my pension under 55

Can I cash in my pension under 55?

Can I cash in my pension under 55? Would you like the idea of getting £1000’s from your pension under 55? Can you really release CASH from your UK pension? The short answer is yes! There could be some tax … Continue reading